Episode 3

10/26/22 Episode Alexia Goldie “Come on Home” Anne Wilson “Hey Girl” Dylan Jarvis “White Horse” JR Country Flash Miranda Easten “View From Here” Jordan Rainer “Damn Sandwich” Clayton Anderson “Show Me Your Fish” Hannah Ellis “Country Can” Garrett Diggs “Never Have I Ever” Ariel Hutchins “Stuck” Lauren Reno “Gold Rush” Noah Guthrie “Let The Damn Think Break” The Red Clay […]

Episode 2

8/27/22 Episode: Tim Elliott “Old Barns & Farms”, Stella Prince “Crying On A Saturday”, Liam Coleman “Vintage”, Jackie Guy “In A Summer”, Madison Station “Back In The Day”, Lauren Reino “Bottle Worth A Dime”, Dylan Jarvis “Burn Free”, Noah Guthrie “Let The Damn Thing Break”

Episode 1

July 17, 2022 Featuring: Blane Howard “Boot N’ Rally”, Stella Prince “Crying On A Saturday Nite”, Dylan Scott “In Our Blood” Featuring Jimmie Allen, K C Johns “Confused”, Jet Jurgensmeyer “Talk To God”, Laura Bryna “Body First”